3 Hours  $180.00

From Baby+Bump to You

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What will you learn?

Packing hospital bag/home birth

We will review what you will need to pack in your hospital bag for Mom, Partner and Baby or all supplies needed and set up plan for a home birth.

Creating a birth plan

We will discuss what is important to you and your partner during the birth of your baby and how to discuss with your health care provider.

Breast/Formula Feeding

We will review feeding schedules, how to hold the baby, latch and FAQ's about Breast/Formula Feeding.

Stages of Labor/terminology

There are many terms, phrases and words that may come up during pregnancy and labour. Learn their meanings and when they may hear them.

Partner Support

Learn how you can help each other through pregnancy and into early stages of labour with relaxation, breathing and emotional support techniques.

Newborn Checklist

Do you have everything you need for your tiny human and bringing them home?

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