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Doula. That's a funny word.

This is usually the reaction from most when hearing the word for the first time. So what is a Doula anyway?

Pronounced, “Doola”, it is defined as “A woman who is trained to assist another woman during childbirth and who can provide support to the family after the baby is born. Doulas offer resources and education during prenatal and postpartum visits,  provide emotional and physical support as comfort measures during birth and advocate for your birth choices”

We understand that giving birth is an exciting time for not only the mom but to others as well. You may have a partner, patiently waiting the birth of their tiny human, a set of soon-to-be grandparents disguised as cheerleaders sitting in the waiting room, your children, eager on the arrival of their new brother or sister, or a couple waiting on a perfect stranger to give birth to their baby. A Baby+Bump Doula will be part of your birthing team, providing support to all those involved.

Every pregnancy, every plan, every birth and every mom is unique and what they require for support looks very different to each. It may be providing an update to family and friends, stepping in when your support person needs to take a break, providing comfort with pain relief techniques, massage and labouring positions or simply remaining quiet while we hold your hand. We can be there as your biggest support or as a compliment to your partner. This will allow them to be there for you emotionally during labor and birth without the added pressure of remembering what they learned during their prenatal class.

Often times, families cannot imagine someone else in the room with whom they do not know. This is why we believe it’s important to start developing the relationship early, beginning with a prenatal visit to understand your birth preferences. Your support will continue throughout your pregnancy as we are there to help you get the information you need to make informed decisions about your birth. Sometimes families do not require advice at all but simply an ear to listen or a hand to hold. Sometimes they do not require Doula Support during their entire birth. Maybe only during the active labor; the time you spend at home while waiting to progress far enough to head to the hospital or to the bath for a home birth. We have various packages to support your preferences.  Maybe you love the idea of a Birth Doula but really want your partner, a close friend or parent to be the one supporting you, Baby+Bump can help with that. Let us teach them how to be a Doula with our private class, “the Doula Way”.

So the question really shouldn’t be “What is a Doula”. It should be “What isn’t a doula? A Doula is what you NEED her to be. She is a supporter, a friend, a mediocre picture taker, therapist, a cheerleader, an information centre, an advocate,  a wing woman, motivational speaker, massage therapist and every now and then she is someone that will grab your hand and say “You can do this, everything is going to be ok” . We can’t promise that we will take away all your stress, pain and worry but we can promise you won’t have to do it alone.

"Doula's are like a good bra; There for Support and will never leave you hanging"

Love the idea of a Birth Doula but want a loved one there instead? Learn what a doula would do in our private class, "the Doula Way" Click here for more info.

What our Clients Say

When I was feeling overwhelmed, anxious or needed a voice of encouragement, our doula was there helping me breathe through each contraction and providing comfort when I needed it most.
Mother of Baby Ethan
We thought we hired a doula to support my wife, instead she was reminding me to breathe.

Father of Baby Abigail

From Baby+Bump to You

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Birth Doula Packages

Darling Doula

Prenatal Visit
Attendance at Birth
4 hours of Postpartum Care

Supportive Sister

Prenatal Visit
Baby+Bump Bundle Prenatal Classes
Attendance at Birth
4 hours of Postpartum Care

Birth Buddy

Prenatal Visit
Attendance at Birth
12 Hours Postpartum Care

Be there Bestie

Prenatal Visit
Baby+Bump Bundle Prenatal Class
Attendance at Birth
12 hours of Postpartum Care

Helping Hand

Prenatal Visit
Active Labor Only

The Doula Way

Private Class for Mom and Support Partner to learn relaxation, massage and various techniques to support during labor.

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