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Business Development Program

The birth of our son changed my life.  I became passionate about all things baby and realized a strong desire to support women and their partners navigate this journey by empowering them.  Offering judgement free education, as it relates to the before, during and after of childbirth became our mission. During the course of working with families, we discovered that women are looking for broader empowerment through entrepreneurship and the need for a map to help navigate the journey. This led to the creation of this Business Development Plan.  

Information is power and we have gathered details on how to start your journey to becoming an entrepreneur.  While the steps are set out sequentially this will not be a linear journey and some things will be completed simultaneously or completely out of order.  

It is critical to remember that the most important ingredient to building and operating a successful business is YOU.  That’s why we have included the aspects of mindset and motivation. There is a science and an art to entrepreneurship; the science includes the technical steps to building the systems and infrastructure, the art is what you bring to the development of your business.

Baby+Bump has navigated the path to entrepreneurship and wants to help you make that journey by sharing the lessons we have learned.   

What Will You Learn?

creating a mindset
self reflecting
market research
building your brand
creating a mood board
business structures
registering your business
writing a business plan

designing a website
social media
client attractions+retention
creating your elevator pitch
e-commerce platforms
work sheets

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