Infant Sleep Class
Sept. 29th
The Birdcage Yoga Studio

What Will You Learn?

Baby+Bump can assist new parents with infant sleep education, help normalize some of the unpredictable sleep we see from newborns, help families maximize their sleep and support to instil healthy sleep foundations from the start. 
Baby+Bump will be coming to Chatham, ON on September 29th to host a sleep class at @thebirdcage_  Class will begin at 12:30pm. $40 per couple. 
What will you learn? 
1. Challenges faced by new parents around sleep with a newborn.
2. The infant sleep cycle and the evolution of sleep.
3. Setting healthy sleep foundations.
4. Managing daytime naps.
5. Night waking and feeding.
6. Helping parents cope with postnatal sleep deprivation.
7. Strategies for calming fussy baby.

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