Baby+Bump Group Classes

Childbirth Education Class
OVer Collective
September 26th
$175 per couple

From Baby+Bump to You

Receive an OVer Cover or OVer Swaddle when you attend one of our classes or with any of our services. Reserve your Spot before August 1st and receive an OVer swaddle as well

During all of our childbirth classes and services, our focus will always be the Mom and her Support Person. Your partner is an important part of your life and in welcoming your tiny human into this world, so we want to show them all the love too. 

What will you learn?

The Before.

The First Stage of Labor (the early) stage and what to expect. As this stage is usually while you are at home, we will discuss relaxation and massage techniques.

The During.

The Second Stage of Labor (the active stage) and what to expect. We will review what to expect from the hospital staff and medical terminology. We will discuss breathing and pushing techniques and the importance of skin to skin after your tiny human is born.

The After.

Basic Newborn Care and Cues, Partner Support, for both you and them, Postpartum Care and we will review signs of Postpartum Depression

Our Childbirth Class; The Before. During and After is intended for those that have a basic understanding of childbirth and newborn care through self education. This class will provide further in depth knowledge.

Wednesday, September 26th

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