Infant Massage Training

Encourages Bonding

Promotion of bonding and secure attachment with an increase of relaxation for both parent and baby

Improved Health

Improved blood circulation, gastrointestinal function and better breathing

Colic Relief

Can ease colic, constipation, trapped wind and improve digestive function

Improved Sleep

Promotes longer and deeper sleep patterns

Teething Relief

Helps to reduce pain and inflammation

Promotes Relaxation

Helps a baby to release stress and tension which ofter leads to an increase in better sleep

From Baby+Bump to You

Receive an OVer Swaddle as a gift when you attend one of our Infant Massage Classes

Our Classes

Private or Group Classes

Our Private Classes are offered in the comfort of your home and are 2 hours in length. We discuss techniques, benefits of massage and tailor the education to suit your infant. Family will receive education package for personal reference.


Offered within GTA, Guelph Kitchener/Waterloo Area Only 

Our Group Classes are 2 hours in length and provide an overview of massage benefits and technique. We offer small class sizes to allow for some one on one instruction and advice. Family will receive education package for personal reference. 

$75 per couple 

Various Locations throughout Ontario

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