The Before, during+after Wednesday, sept 26th
6:00 -9:00Pm
Over Collective
London, ON


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The Before, during+after Wednesday, Oct 17th
6:00 -9:00Pm
Over Collective
London, ON

From Baby+Bump to You

Receive an OVer Cover when you attend our class and a little surprise for your partner. Reserve your spot by Aug 1st and receive an OVer swaddle as well.

What will you learn?

Our Childbirth Education Classes focus on the Birthing Person and their Support Partner as well. Your partner is an incredibly important part of your life and the life of your tiny human. We want to show them all the love too. Our discussions and learning material will offer suggestions for your partner and ways they can support. We will ensure they feel included and leave feeling supported.

This Class is intended for those that have a basic understanding of childbirth and postpartum care through self education. 

The Before.

  • Stages of Labor 
  • Massage and Breathing Techniques. 
  • Use of the exercise ball and rebozo


  • Pushing Positions 
  • The Magical Hour
  • The Benefits of Skin to Skin
  • Breastfeeding

And After.

  • Newborn Care (Diaper Changing, Bathing a Newborn, Swaddling)
  • Newborn Cues (Hunger, Sleeping)
  • Postnatal Care for Birthing Person 
  • Change and Support for Partner
  • Postpartum Depression

You will receive a workbook with all topics discussed in class. Additionally, you will receive information on the following: Sanitation guidelines for Bottle Feeding, Hospital Bag Checklist, Newborn Checklist, Registry Checklist, Formula Feeding Guidelines, Introducing pets to your newborn, Dressing your newborn, Hunger Cues, Sleeping Cues, One Handed Snacks and our Favourite Vendors for New Baby Support Contact List (London Specific) 

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