The Best Newborn Products.

by Baby+Bump Inc.

we just love them

Newborn Favourites

Before you know it, you will be holding your tiny little human. You will begin to dress them in one of five hundred baby onesies you own, that displays a smile inducing phrase; “No Hair, Don’t care” or “Party Back at My Crib”. You will have receiving blankets in every colour, sound machines that magically turn on in the middle of the night, a shoe collection for baby even SJP would be jealous of and a book shelf full of books for a lifetime of bedtime stories. Among the countless fuzzy, squishy and oh so cute items it takes to raise a newborn, there are a few that stand out from the crowd. Here is our list of must have products for baby. 

The Snuggle Me Organic website describes their product as “the next best thing to being held in your arms”.  But we prefer to use the term, “The Number One, must have, gotta get it, won’t be able to live without it” baby lounger. It hugs and soothes your tiny human while recreating the feeling of being in the womb. It provides a safe space for baby to lounge and reduces premature waking due to the Moro or “startle” reflex. We love the soft, easy to wash cover the carrying bag is super convenient when visiting the Grandparents. We just can’t say enough about this product. 

A bottle on the change table, one in the diaper bag and an extra in the bathroom. The Honest Company Baby Bottom Wash makes the “up the back, front and through each leg hole” diaper changes a breeze. It is made from organic aloe, witch hazel and botanical extracts leaving your baby’s bottom clean and refreshed. We love all Honest Company’s products but couldn’t live with out the Bottom Wash. 

Whether you had a belly or vaginal birth, recovery for moms can be challenging. With your tiny human eating around the clock, getting in and out of bed, lifting and shimming yourself around can be a task all on its own. The Halo Bassinest is an absolute game changer. It allows you to swivel the bassinet close enough to lean over, collapse the the side with the weight of your elbows and pick little one up.  It’s mesh siding is great for watching baby sleep and some models have “soothing” centres with nightlight, soothing sounds and bassinet vibration. We love that if baby  needs a little extra movement to fall asleep, the swivel makes it easy to rock baby back and forth. 

Running up and down the stairs to change baby’s diaper can be not only be time consuming but exhausting. Having a place to change them  outside of their nursery is key. The Nuna SENA changer attaches to the Nuna Playard Playpen and is super easy to install. The changer has a removable and easy to wash for those “up the back and front” situations.  

We want one in every colour and pattern. The OVer cover can be used during a breastfeeding session, to cover you tiny human while in the car seat and when out and about, use it while they are sitting in the grocery cart. We love that it’s light and breathable and that baby is visible but still protected while out for a walk. We just love this cover. 

With one parent holding the camera and the other grasping onto to baby, baby’s first bath is such a special milestone. There are a few products that will make bath time easier and fun for both you and baby. 4 Moms Spout Cover is a digital thermometer that fits onto your bathtub Spout. It displays the temperature and will turn blue in the water is too cold, green when the water is just right and will turn red and beep if the water is too hot. Next is the “Right Height Bath Center” by Summer. It comes with three parts; the tub to use when your tiny human is really tiny, the stool that can sit under the tub to raise the height or can be used as a seat next to your tub and a chair for baby to sit in. The chair can also be used in your own bath tub when baby has outgrown their tub. And lastly is the “Moby Waterfall Bath Rinser” by Skip and Hop. We love this product for the soft lip that you can snuggle against their forehead while rinsing their hair.  It is also fantastic for pouring water over their bodies to rinse and keep them warm. 

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