Baby+Bump This is Us

Baby+Bump. This is us.

You don’t know how big love can really be until the birth of your first child. A tiny, little human will pull on your heart strings and change the way you see everything. Our hearts were so full the day we welcomed our son into the world as were the hearts of our family and friends.

Our families wasted no time and were there to help the day we brought him home. My sister, patiently watching, noticing when I needed a pillow under my arm when I was breastfeeding, would quietly fill my glass with water so I didn’t need to get up and without asking, our moms would cook meals and clean our home. They would research answers to our endless questions and would snuggle with baby when we needed just 5 more minutes of sleep. Laundry was washed and folded, my husbands lunch was packed. And when moments of doubt, insecurity and fear crossed our minds, they were there to remind us how proud they were of the parents we were becoming.

It was the most incredible gift I never knew we needed. Words cannot express how thankful we are for the gift of time they gave us, while they took care of the “life”.

It was because of this, that Baby+Bump was born. We want to be a source of support and a helping hand to new parents, their families and baby. To provide education, emotional care through doula support and to celebrate all birth and parenting preferences that families choose. Infant care, help around the home, running errands or a voice of encouragement can be offered when baby is home allowing time for you, your partner and family to bond with baby.

We are there for you during your pregnancy providing prenatal classes, during labor with Birth Doula Support and after with continued Postpartum Doula Care. We offer continued education in Sleep Training and Infant Massage and have paired with Baby+Food to offer catered meals while you settle in at home with baby. 

Baby+Bump can be the incredible gift you never knew you needed.

Doula Services, Private Prenatal Classes and Catering  are currently offered within the GTA, Hamilton/Ancaster and Kitchener/Waterloo. Group Training is offered within various locations across Ontario. Please see Group Class Schedule for all available classes/dates.

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